Gun sales in Tomball, Tx gun sales police supply in Tomball

Police supply and Gun sales in Tomball, Spring, Cypress and Magnolia and surrounding areas

First Responder weapon sales

Owned and managed by a veteran Police Officer

Gun sales in Tomball and Spring, and the surrounding areas.  We sell quality firearms at affordable prices. Gun sales and  police supply in Tomball.

Blue Label pricing on Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, FN, CZ, Remington, Walther and Beretta

Did you know as a First Responder professional, you are eligible for special discounts on firearm purchases from many of the top manufacturers.  Let us help you with your next firearm purchase so you get the equipment you want at the best price possible.  

Knowledge of the best gun for the job

Whether it's for work or sport we can help you find the best tool for the job. 

What is the Thin Blue Line


 The simple-looking emblem has multiple meanings, all arising from the same concept: police officers stand as a thin line that protects society from good and evil, chaos and order.